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2024 DSF 4 Season Ranking Series

2024 DSF 4 Season Ranking Series

Announcing the exciting 2024 DSF 4-Season Ranking Series and the DSF USA Nationals Grand Finale!

Get ready to showcase your dancing skills and compete against the best as we present the DSF 2024 4-Season Ranking Series. This exhilarating series consists of four legs, each with its unique theme and challenges. To make the experience even more thrilling, we have a grand finale lined up for you at the highly anticipated 2024 DSF USA National Championships.

Let's take a closer look at the legs and the grand finale of this thrilling series

Participating in the four legs, along with the grand finale, will allow you to earn valuable ranking points in the Open Championship Events. These points will accumulate throughout the series and open doors to remarkable opportunities. As you accumulate points, you stand a chance to win a prestigious grand money prize scholarship, enabling you to participate in the highly acclaimed 2024 Dance Alliance Asian Tour, 2025 The Open Worlds in Blackpool, or the 2025 WDO World Championship in your respective age category and discipline.

LEG 1 (Feb 17): Eminence Winter Dance Festival

Kicking off the series with a winter-themed extravaganza, this leg promises an exciting start to the competition. Show off your skills and set the tone for a remarkable journey ahead.

LEG 2 (Apr 20): Eminence Spring Dance Festival

As spring blossoms, dancers will gather to compete in the second leg of the series. Embrace the fresh energy of the season and impress the judges with your outstanding performances.

LEG 3 (Jun 22): Eminence Summer Dance Festival

Summer brings warmth, joy, and a renewed zest for dance. In this leg, step onto the floor and captivate the audience with your sizzling moves and remarkable talent.

LEG 4 (Sep 14): Eminence Fall Dance Festival

As leaves change colors and nature prepares for a new season, dancers will take the stage in the fall leg. Demonstrate grace, strength, and artistic expression, and leave a lasting impression on the judges and your fellow competitors.

Grand Finale (Nov 1): 2024 DSF USA National Championships

The pinnacle of the series, the DSF USA National Ballroom Championships, will be an unforgettable event. On this prestigious occasion, participants from various divisions will showcase their extraordinary talent and compete for the accolades of being crowned champions in their respective categories.

Participating Divisions

– Juvenile 1 & 2 Ballroom & Latin Couples

– Junior 1 & 2 Ballroom & Latin Couples

– Youth Ballroom & Latin Couples

– Under 21 Ballroom & Latin Couples

– Amateur Ballroom & Latin Couples

– Juvenile 1 & 2 Ballroom & Latin Solo Dancers

– Junior 1 & 2 Ballroom & Latin Solo Dancers

Join us on this exhilarating journey, where talent meets passion, and dreams become a reality. Mark your calendars for the 2024 DSF 4-Season Ranking Series and the DSF USA Nationals Grand Finale. It’s time to shine and make your mark in the world of dance!

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that the highest ranking couples and solo dancers in each participating division will have the chance to win the prestigious final prize. The winning couple in each division will receive $1,000, while the top solo dancer will be awarded $500. However, to claim these prizes, winners must have completed their participation in either the Asian Tour, Open Worlds, or WDO World Championship.

But that’s not all! The Grand Finale National Champions will be bestowed with an incredible opportunity. They will be crowned as World Team Representatives, representing their respective divisions on the world stage. This honor grants them the extraordinary chance to showcase their talent and represent their country, capturing the hearts of dance enthusiasts worldwide.

So, prepare to give it your all, as this unique series offers not only the excitement of fierce competition, but also the potential to win cash prizes, claim prestigious titles, and embark on an international journey as ambassadors of dance excellence. Join us and be a part of this extraordinary experience!

Ranking Points – 4 Season Legs

1st Place: 200 points

2nd Place: 175 points

3rd Place: 150 points

4th Place: 125 Points

5th Place: 100 Points

6th Place: 75 Points

Ranking Points – Grand Finale Nationals

1st Place: 300 points

2nd Place: 275 points

3rd Place: 250 points

4th Place: 225 Points

5th Place: 200 Points

6th Place: 175 Points

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